Regional Director Constancio G. Alama inspired the 9,702 beneficiaries of the 6.5-kilometer concreted farm-to-market as he formally turnedover the P76 Million worth of infrastructure subproject of the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) to the Municipal Government Unit of Baliguian represented by Vice Mayor Gani Esmali last June 25. He noted that 84 percent or 8,240 of about 10,000 of the FMR direct beneficiaries are indigenous peoples.

The concrete road stretching from barangays Mamawan-Diculom-Milidan provides an all-weather mobility of the people in the area. Mamawan and Milidan are upland areas while Diculom is along the coast for Alama to say that whatever products they produce can now speedily brought to the market. Farmers and fishermen can demand higher price because their produce are still fresh to reach the market.

Director Alama said that what DA is doing through PRDP is similar to a subdivision developer. A subdivision without a road network — no one would be interested to buy any of its units. But when the road network is in place that crisscross the subdivision to the main thoroughfare, definitely many would interest to reside here. He said that DA too provides good roads in rural areas to spur progress and development.

Alama sees that Baliguian will soon be developed like Siayan. When the road network was concreted, Siayan then as one of the poorest municipalities in the country turned into a bustling and progressive town. Communication and cellsites were installed, banks, pawnshops, gasoline stations and other businesses have sprouted all over the town. These are all because of good road connectivity that Siayan has and soon, these can be enjoyed by the people in this part of Baliguian. 
On the other hand, Director Alama emphasized that DA does not only focus on infrastructure support to value chain of priority commodities through PRDP, but on top of it, DA has four banner programs such as rice, corn, livestock and high value commercial crops.

He challenged Municipal Agriculturist Peter Montina to look all the resources in Baliguian that DA can help to develop.

Montina said the allocated 15,000 cacao planting materials for Baliguian were already distributed to intended beneficiaries.

Alama was elated because Montina did not hold long the planting materials which means that these were already planted by the recipients. He clarified that DA by this time is validating the reported planted areas to cacao and other crops provided by DA through geotagging. (Remai S. Alejado/DA9)

Regional Director Constancio G. Alama cheers with the municipal and barangays officials and constituents in Baliguian headed by Vice Mayor Gani Emali (navy blue polo shirt) as he officially turnover the 6.5 kilometer farm-to-market road funded by DA-PRDP. (DA-Region 9)