Zamboanga del Norte vis-à-vis Mindanao and Zamboanga Peninsula Region

  • The province is situated in the western border of  Mindanao, particularly in the northwestern edge of the ZamboangaPeninsula Region or Region IX
  • It is one of the provinces in the Zamboanga Peninsula Region, the others being the Provinces of Zamboanga del Sur and ZamboangaSibugay

  Zamboanga del Norte

  • The province is bounded in the :

  north   – Province of Misamis Occidental

  south   – City of Zamboanga

  east   – Province of Zamboanga del Sur

                   and Zamboanga Sibugay

  west   – Sulu Sea

Political units  

3 districts

-2 component cities (Dipolog and Dapitan)

  Dipolog City as the capital

  Dapitan City as the Shrine City where

  National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal was

  exiled for 4 years.

-25 municipalities

-691 barangays



•Population (actual 2015) : 1,011,393
•Population (estimated 2018) : 1,043,231
         Provincial Growth rate : 1.04%
         National Growth rate : 1.72%
                 Cebuano/Bisaya : 85%
                 Indigenous Peoples : 10%
                 Muslim : 5%
•Population Density 2015 : 144 persons/sq km.
•Literacy Rate 2012 : 98.80%
•Employment Rate 2016      (Regional data) : 97.5%
•Languages Spoken : English, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish
•Dialects Spoken : Tagalog, Cebuano, Subanen, Tausug, Hiligaynon, Chavacano

Municipal Water Boundaries
Province of Zamboanga del Norte

Coastline extends over 400 kilometers, from the Municipality of Rizal in the north, to the Municipality of Sibuco in the south

Coastal LGUs:

2 cities and 16 municipalities

162 barangays,

  132,338 households